Cognitive Distortions

also known as "Twisted Thinking"

This is one of the main areas of focus for Cognitive Therapy.

Sometimes we are not aware of what we are thinking.

And we often confuse our feelings with thoughts.

One way to tell the difference is that a feeling could be described in one word


For example: angry, frustrated, confused, resentful, despairing, etc.

Thinking might use more words, such as:

            "not again!" or
            "Iím not going to be ok!" or
            "this will never change!" and
            "the world is out to get me" etc.

here are 10 forms of twisted thinking:

We can all do one or more of these distortions. I is almost normal to do this immediately when something goes wrong.

It can take effort to have awareness of what we are doing and that it isn't very helpful.

We can make a bad situation even worse.

Can we begin to understand how cognitive distortions are affecting our lives, our relationships, and hindering our success and enjoyment?

Many have.

Why not you too?